Friday, April 13, 2012

After Earthquake

The was a powerful 8.6 magnitude earthquake which hit Aceh, the Northern's tip of Sumatera, Indonesia on Wednesday. I felt the tremor while I was listening to music and thought I was having vertigo initially. When I saw the water inside my bottle was waving left and right, I knew it was an earthquake. After a short while, my facebook wall was crowded with a lot of status updates about it.

It was the first time I experienced the tremor of earthquake and I wish I will not experience it anymore. The feeling was hard to be explained in words. I was neither worried nor scared, I just tried to stay calm and think what to do next. Can't imagine how it would be if a real earthquake happened in Malaysia, maybe one day in future.

This reminded one scene in the Taiwanese movie - You're The Apple of My Eyes. The guy ran a few miles away from his hostel after an earthquake to receive phone signals so that he could call the girl he loved to make sure she was safe. So who was the person first came into your mind when this incident occurred? And who was the person who called you to make sure you were safe that time?
By these, you should know how important he/she to you and you to him/her.

Perhaps, it was not an early warning of doomsday. It was just to remind you to appreciate the every single persons around you. We are not God, nobody will be able to predict what will happen in next moment.

Be grateful, for being safe now. (At least able to read my long, wordy post)
Pray, pray for the victims.


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