Thursday, January 19, 2012

After Exam =)

Hello everyone!!!
Chinese new year is just around the corner, can't wait for it already?

You know, I'm freaking excited now, not because of CNY only, but it's because my final exam was ended too.  I have been waiting for this moment since so long ago.  Three weeks break is now waiting for me..woohoo!

As usual, guess I should make a summary for this semester. Thought of wanna make a summary for year 2011, but due to exam was carrying on, so........

People always say "3rd year 1st semester is the most relaxing semester for pharmacy students in UM ever"
Hmm, it's true but not exactly as the assignments somehow can drive you crazy as well : p

 Here are what I've done so far:

1. Kick start the new semester by moving to new place
First time staying outside campus after being college girl for 2 years.  It's not bad still, at least got larger space for me to wander around.. lol

2. Went some nice places: Logos Hope and Malacca
First time runaway from "Haunted" guesthouse; Met some nice people like Jennifer and Rorne from Riverside Paradise Hotel; Ate a lot of good food without hesitation; Getaway from busy town; Queued up 2 hours for satay celup and bla bla bla.... Those were just so nice to be imprinted on my memory forever. I know it's really lame to say like that. Haha

3. Took a lot of great pictures using my Canon powershot.

 Which one is better?

4. Joined Nuffnang as persuaded by ex-roommate Jacqueline Khoo

As conclusion, this semester was awesome for me. It doesn't depend on how many places I went but how much I have learned. Compared to previous semesters, the final exam for this time is the least stressful for me. Not to say I am very "geng" or those stuffs are too easy for me (Hey, I'm not that cocky please), but I have changed my way of studying and the way to cope with stress. This can be considered as a bonus point for my self-evaluation?

So many people had made their 2012 resolution, I have mine too.  Instead of putting as "resolution", I would rather put it as "wish-list" cuz' resolution is something that have to be achieved by end of year but wish-list is something that can be achieved by chance, heehee.

1. Live healthier and stay happier. I tend to be kinda pessimistic most of the time. So I hope I can be more optimistic : )

2. Travel to more places. It can be as near as KL area or as far as overseas. The main goal is to expose myself to new experiences more.

3. Learn to handle problems maturely since I'm turning 21 soon. Yea, 21 = adult in term of everything : p

4. Yet, keep my spirit young, which is try anything I haven't before. Example? Hmm, can't figure out yet, perhaps you can give me some suggestions?

5. Love and care people around me more. Family, friends and of course my dear : )

Last but not least, I hope 2012 is not the end of the world and the dooms day myth please never come true.
Perhaps Mayans simply wanna remind people to live like there is no tomorrow?

Anyway, hope you can have a blissful Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai, 新年快乐! : D

P/s: Can't wait for shopping tomorrow, haha

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