Thursday, August 11, 2011

MMK Power !!!

It was hard to express my feeling when I saw this from Facebook yesterday morning.

Hi every beloved MMKiians. I feel sorry to announce a sad news here. Unfortunately our new Mts 11/12 batch have decided to abolish MMK project. Although the project is terminated, but the MMK spirit is still persist. Lets thanks MMK for giving us so many sweet memories and let us get know to so many cute friends. Thanks MMK!!! 
MMK, POWER forever!!!!
-by Zen (Director of MMK 09/10)

MMK (Minggu Minda Kreatif) is an annual event organized by Second Residential College in University Malaya.
It had been 10 years since the first launch of this project.
It was also the first project I joined during my first year in UM until holding the position of marketing director in second year.
To be honest, it was kinda unbelievable that our batch became the last batch of MMK.

Too many factors brought MMK to this end.
The management of college, the manpower problems, the new rules of college...
It is sad to say, but there's no point to continue this project since there's not many juniors left in Second Residential College to run for it.
Or, perhaps our batch did not do well until the college administration tried so hard to terminate our project?
Nobody knows.

MMK gave me a lot of memories and gave me chances to know a lot of people.
I will keep those in my mind eternally.
I am not sure if we still have any opportunity to meet in future, but please do say "Hi" if you see me somewhere else, as I will remember you! : )

From left:
(1st row: Christabel, Chai Jhen, Karyee, Wan Hwa, Claire, Xue Yan, Xiu Jia, ME, Karling, Jacob, Alvin, Wei Sheng)
(2nd row: Avoon, Maggie, Bibiana, Nadia, Pan Pan, Khai Kent, Jia Lun, Shi Yan, Shu Ling, Chi Yong, Siew Yin)
(3rd row: Ba Huang, Terrence, Ming Xiao, Hanjune)



  1. hey, 我一定会记得对你大大声地说:“hi!!!!!"
    你也是哦~ haha...
    有空,我们大家出来喝喝茶吧~ hehe....

  2. 哈哈,没问题,等你约我而已喔~ :)


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