Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Learning French

This is an idiom which means we should keep on learning in our whole life.
Although it sounds like a cliche, nobody gonna doubt or disagree about it right?
Learning is a lifelong process, no matter it's about language, music, health science or cooking.
If you would like to learn a new language without spending a dime will be your best choice.

"In a world hungry for new language skills, their mission is to provide a more accessible and engaging way to learn a language. They even allow people around the world to help each other with language learning!" - as introduced in August 2011 issue of Cleo.

For your information, I'm learning French from this website.
No doubt, their way of teaching is more helpful compared to the others.
Spending one to two hours on it everyday, learning a new language no longer an unachievable dream : D

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