Friday, April 08, 2011

Thean Hou Temple

Last weekend,I went Thean Hou temple with my family members.  Honestly, I never been there eventhough I had been stayed in KL for two years already and it was only 20 minutes distance from my place. If not mistaken, my first time to visit this place was almost 10 years ago. That's why I could barely remember how it was looked like.

It was a great place for me actually. What were really amazed me the most were the building and decoration there. The red lattern hanging around made me to have a feeling of "chinese new year", haha. By having a look on it, it able to tell how excellent the building art of China. If you had never been there before, you should have a visit to there and you will have the same feeling as I did ;)

Since this place became a hot spot for tourist and it was weekend, thus it was quite crowded by the time we arrived. So, we just simply went there to incense and I got my divintiaon.

(2) Springtime is within sight
At present beset with problems , but light is growing brighter as you are nearing the end of the tunnel. Once a break-thru, the opportunity will be awaiting you to grasp. Don't be disheartened, success will be yours when you stage a come-back.

(I was quite impressed to see the English version of explanation behind the small piece of divination).

It means, although I am in a difficult time now, good fortune will come soon. Then, dear dear asked me if I believed it or not. Hmm, since it was telling something good, so I believed it.. :)

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