Thursday, March 31, 2011

This Is So Called "unlucky"

I do not know how should I begin for this post.  Well, it's about what I had gone through just to print out my assignment on monday.

It was started around 9am, the time when I went to the computer lab  in my faculty to print out my AMAN assignment.
When I reached there,
"Kami ada maintenance sampai pukul 12 ni..", it was what the person in charge told me that time.

Ok, fine. So I just went to the printing shop in 6th college which is nearby to us.
However......."kami tak ada internet kat sini la mooi.."
What? no internet in a computer printing shop? I saved my assignment in my mail box the night before!!

What to do? Without any option, I walked back 2nd college to print it out in our printing shop because I knew our printing shop had internet :) Yet, I was so unlucky that day.  The shop hasn't open yet, eventhough it was almost 9.30am already.  After I went upstairs to my room and planning to save the assignment from my laptop into my pendrive, then only I realised that I forgot to bring back my pendrive . Gosh.

What I did to solve this problem was, I took my usb and saved it in my phone.  I thought I was clever enough for being able to figure out this solution but when I went back 6th college printing shop again, I'd tried so many times until many people were waiting behind me, the computer there cannot detect my usb!!

Following this, I terpaksa to go back lecture hall, took my pendrive and downloaded the assignment from my mail box by using the computer in library.  I thought I can print out my assignment finally, however my face turn white when I got back 6th college printing shop again. The computer there was too sensitive to virus until converted everything inside to shortcut file already. OMG.

Finally I really had no idea already, so I tried my luck and went back the computer lab of my faculty at 10am plus.  When I reached there, I saw my coursemate was printing there.
So what was "Kami ada maintenance sampai pukul 12 ni.." all about? Faint~

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