Monday, November 01, 2010

Marketing Drive II

Sometimes, marketing drive can be something that is very interesting, especially when you meet some people who are interesting.
I met one this morning

me: Uncle, we are from University Malaya, can you support our project which is called "Minggu Minda Kreatif"?

Uncle: Can, but we can afford in small amount la...

Me: (I hadn't say thank you yet, the uncle continue to speak..)

Uncle: You're taking pharmacy ar? I tell you, don't be so silly la, pharmacy cannot earn much money one. Go further study and become lecturer where the salary is much higher...

Me: .......

Uncle: I don't understand why so many people competing to become a doctor. After 10 years, maybe your friend (pointing to siew yin, an Econ student, who is standing beside me) is richer than you..

Haha, I was really speechless that time. What I can do is only agree with him and say " yes, it's true" :p


  1. haha~~ u remember him lar~ after u got rich find him back .. XD~~


Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it very much! ^^