Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bad Day

Yesterday I had a bad day. I should begin my story from the time when I was going out to buy the gifts for dedication. When I reached somewhere which was about few meters from the bus stop, I saw the bus passed by me. Arghh,I missed the bus!! Since I don't want to waste anytime as I had an appointment with the representative from Mr Baoz at 2.30pm, so I was rushing to the Lrt station. When bad things came, it will never end there. Right at the time when I got into the LRT, my foot was stepped by the high heel of a working lady, OUGH!! It was really painful..

After settle everything, I just went back college to meet the bald guy from Mr Baoz. I thought everything will be ok but what was really out of expect was, the bao he sent to me were all frozen!! Damn, I was almost fainted when I unpack the box and saw all the frozen bao with ice some more. What to do? I terpaksa went to the mak cik DU there and begged them to let me use the kitchen so that can reheat those bao. The situation I had that time had no difference with an idiot. Like a pity idiot who begged some people and had to accept any kind of response from them. The only luckiness I had was just the mak cik let me use the DU with the condition of paying them RM20 plus.

Those were not the worst I had yesterday. The worst was, when I had done with those heating stuffs and came to the time of packing bao, nobody was willing to come. Left only me, Jacob, Alvin, Ah voon, siew yin, Elani and Chi yong working there.

Although I was damn tired already, still have to send the delivery as we're really lack of manpower. As a result, I and Chong Yi were forced to send those thing from 8th college to 5th, 11th and 12th by motorcycle. How ridiculous it is to tell other people that a marketing director have to do those kind of works. I really do not know how to answer when people asked me " why don't u ask your juniors to help u?" Juniors? ugh...

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