Sunday, October 10, 2010

This is how " life " should be

After a whole week planning by our "sister gang" committee members, finally our "masak-masak" party turned to the real one! hiak hiak hiak~
I should start my story telling from 3.30pm , that was the time when we started walking from 2nd college together with shi qi , yoon see and lian der. The time we reached ut was almost 4pm already. By this time, suddenly "oh no!!" beng wong was still taking his nap!! Then we terpaksa waited at huei erh's house and wait until beng wong woke up :p
After that, it's show time!! Actually it is not my show time, but shi qi's one la, our 1st chef together with 2nd chef, huei erh.

Hehe, please do not think I went there was purposely for food only, because I did helped them to do quite a lot of stuffs ok?


After cooking for 3 hours plus, finally it is time for dinner! 开饭咯!!

sooo delicious

Can't imagine we can make of many foods. Our main course are fried rice and tomato spaghetti. Sidelines with fried egg with cheese and dumpling. Lastly, desserts are white fungus+longan tong shui and soya+longan puding. Hiak hiak hiak, all big eaters (including me) ate till super full one because those were trully delicious =)

After eating,it didn't end there, because there were two bottles of champagne lagi. Hehehe, so we just went to the swimming pool there and cheers!!

Hehehe, we just had a lot of fun there and gossiped a lot only. We should have it again, people!!!


(Photo by Woei Jye)

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