Wednesday, September 16, 2015

[Food Review] Coffeeright Place, Ipoh

Happy Malaysia day!

It's a backdated post (as usual). I guess I'll die of starving if blogging is the only source of income, lol.

Visited Coffeeright Cafe couple weeks ago, not a new cafe in Ipoh but it's new for me since I've never realise it's exixtence before! It is located at Jalan Kampar, just opposite to Methodist Girls School, .

Stepping into this cafe, I was quite impressed by the interior decoration.  It is just a small shop lot, but the efforts they put onto every corner are obviously seen. The eye catching skylines of New York on the wall had clearly defined the theme of this cafe - urban, innovative and freedom.

Wide varieties available on the menu. You may find breakfast, asian delights, pastas, sandwiches, poultry and meats on the menu. The two pages of drinks menu is another plus point for this cafe.

Cheese Baked rice with Pork
The chef was really generous by topping the rice with a thick layer of cheese. The taste was pretty decent, just the pork meat was a little bit overcooked. I guess this is the main reason contributed to my high cholesterol reading in my recent blood taking result.

Fish and Chips
(I'm not a fans of fish and chips, so yeah- no comment for this dish)

Signature drinks: Nutella Latte
You would definitely like this if you're a chocolate and coffee lover!

Forgot to mention, free plain water is provided :D

The desserts

Wanna try their delectable looking desserts, but unfortunately our stomach have no more space for them.  Perhaps you guys should try out and let me know how's the taste like next time?

To my surprise, the price in this cafe much cheaper than most other cafes in Ipoh.  Most of the main courses fall below RM20, sounds great right?  I would definitely come back in future :D


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