Saturday, February 22, 2014

[Food Review] Missing Marbles @ Ipoh Old Town

Hola people, it's been a while since my last update, sorry if I had disappointed anyone of you (Ehem, if and only if there's any).  By the way, this isn't an updated post either, because it's about my Valentine's day celebration, which was a week ago =.=

Since both of us were working on 14 Feb, so we postponed our celebration one day after.  To be honest, Valentine's day is just another day for me and we do not have to wait for this day to love, so yea, a simple celebration is more than enough for me.  After scratching head to decide where to have our lunch, we found this cafe via Google and I was attracted immediately by those decent photos.

Photo credit to KC

Missing Marbles located at Ipoh old town.  If you heard of Burps and Giggles, they are just in the same row. Stepping into this cafe reminded me of my childhood.  The hopscotch, worn walls, origami fortune tellers and school-tables-look-alike, gave me a sudden feeling of getting back to my old school.

A big cabinet displaying all the child's play

The old school tables
The origami fortune tellers
(Photo credit to KC)

And the menu is hanging on the wall!

Talking about the food, Missing Marbles is selling Asian delights, from Japanese ramen to mee siam.  There is a dish called "Chap a lang" too, which means mixing everything together in cantonese.  Should have tried this, I just notice it from my photo above, LOL!

My Calrose rice (RM15) with minced chicken and tofu, topped with hanjuku egg, seaweed shreds, sesame and katsuobushi

His hakata ramen (RM18) with slices of lamb

Our esprits
Frankly speaking, I wasn't really impressed by the food.  The taste was just average and not many options available.  The price is affordable but not really worthwhile after all. Would love if they offer some hot drinks like coffee or tea other just coke, esprit, soy bean and juices. It would be a nice place to enjoy some quiet moment then.

Till then, see you next time!
(Oops, photo bomb behind!)
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  1. Interesting place! The food looks yummy (。・ω・。)ノ♡
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    1. Yup, look yummy but actually taste average only :p

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  9. nice post! now I want to eat ramen haha

    1. Ramen is just so nice! (Oops, but not in this restaurant) :D

  10. Looks like an interesting restaurant.
    I really like the menus.

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