Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year Resolutions - Huat ar!

Hey, I miss blogging and of course I miss you, you and you, my dearest readers. Finally my final exam is ended today, which marked the end of another semester. Time flies huh? I guess most people had made a summary for year 2012 and new year resolutions right? Now my turn, haha :p

Basically 2012 was not that bad and no doomsday as well. Congrats to all theaters or music industries who had made enough money with this topic, including my dearest Mayday, haha!

Let's look back the resolutions I made early in year 2012.

1. Live healthier and stay happier. I tend to be kinda pessimistic most of the time. So I hope I can be more optimistic : )
# Hmm, I guess I had achieved my target. For your information, I had cut down my coffee consumption from  one cup per day to one to two cups in a week! Clap for me please :D 

2. Travel to more places. It can be as near as KL area or as far as overseas. The main goal is to expose myself to new experiences more.
# Went quite a number of places last year, e.g. Broga Hills (too bad ended up with raining cats and dogs up there), Bukit Tinggi, Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands. Now only I realized how come all bukit and highlands huh? Lol.

3. Learn to handle problems maturely since I'm turning 21 soon. Yea, 21 = adult in term of everything : p
# I'm not sure about this, maybe those who know me can tell me whether I have achieved this or not?

4. Yet, keep my spirit young, which is try anything I haven't before. Example? Hmm, can't figure out yet, perhaps you can give me some suggestions?
# Started learning guitar in July, consider young? Hehe, although still have rooms to improve, but I can proudly tell you that at least I had mastered a song successfully! Maybe will record it and show you next time! ROCK!

5. Love and care people around me more. Family, friends and of course my dear : )

# My dad was involved in an accident just before my study week began. The volvo he drove was crashed badly and he had almost 30 stitches on his head. Thanks god, he is now recovered and this had taught me to appreciate each and every single person around me more. 

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          

My new year resolution is pretty simple, which is - TO CHANGE. 
Actually I was kinda inspired by a sentence well said by 程又青 in 《我可能不會愛你》. 

It means when you're getting bored with your current life, you ought to change. Having the same daily routine, staying in the same place, following the same pathway to class, sometimes all these make us can't feel our existence in our own life. Years later, when someone ask us "What had you done in your 20s?" , perhaps we can finish the answer in just a few sentences. Therefore, in this year, I hope I can add some "sparks" in my life :)

I mean my physical appearance. In other words, I want to be prettier! Actions speak louder than words, I hope I can take care of my skin better because I think it is getting worse if compared with years before :-S I shall more adhere to my skin care routine like applying mask once a week (I was too lazy previously). Hope I don't have to photoshop my face anymore towards the end of this year :)

1. To think more positively and with more wisdom. Yea, I'm lacking of wisdom :p
2. To socialize more and meet more new people. Oops, but I just lost a chance to meet new people coz' I just reject the offer from Nuffnang for joining Skytrex Adventure. 
3. To improve my English level by reading more English books and magazines. Perhaps the English level of students in secondary school now are more advance than me. * Ashamed*
4. To improve my guitar skill.
5. To travel more!  Needless to say, I wanna go Taiwan!!

Another must-achieve resolution: To graduate successfully and work as a pharmacist! Although I'm not sure how fun it will be of working in a hospital, I'm kinda looking forward for my future career. Hope I won't regret of saying this once I start working later :p

I think that's all for this time, not sure if anyone is reading out there. Thanks if you're reading my long winded story, haha! Wish you have a great year ahead and be able to give an interesting answer when people ask you "What had you done in year 2013?" by the end of this year. 

Cheers! ^^


  1. hello :) long time no see and no news about you and i guess visiting your blog gonna be the one way to 'trace' you. most of your resolutions are my resolution too. let's jiayou together!

  2. Thanks Shanice, I'm your blog stalker too, haha! Jiayou jiayou!^^


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