Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weekly Crappy: I'm Back!

Hola people, it was weeks ago since my last blog post. If you would like to know why, I can proudly tell you that because I was busy doing my thesis protocol! Gosh, had spent my entire semester on it and finally I had submitted this morning! First time ever take things so seriously, HAHAHA.

Life was so miserable in last few weeks, especially when all the deadlines were chasing behind you. In addition to that, there were tests, role plays, and bla bla bla. Thanks god, I am still surviving :D

Since my life was so dull these days, totally have nothing to share here. No earning from Nuffnang either, sad case! (If you see this, do help me click the ads okay! hehehe)

Just a few random pictures to show!

#1: My 滋潤養顏 apple sweet soup.
You can do it yourself too! What you need are apple, goji (杞子) and red jujube (紅棗) only! Put them with sufficient water into rice cooker and get ready in one hour!

#2: My Heng Wah's style Char Kuey Teow, drooling? Lol.

#3: Was craving for taiwanese food so much on one day. So went 趣台北@SS2 for dinner :p

#4: Amelia's birthday celebration at Wong Kok@SS2. The best place for birthday celebration because of the free drinks!

#5: Got this hat from my little buddy, Szyuin all the way from S'pore. Have no idea when and where to use it. So just to take photo with it lar.. Look "chio"?XD

My face condition is getting worse after burning midnight oil for so many days. Took me really a lot of time to photoshop my picture before posting them up :p My blog writing is getting worse too, especially after writing a lot of scientific stuffs.. Feeling weird to write these kind of casual topics.. =.=

Anyway, that's all for this time, till then, see you again!
*Do miss me k!

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