Friday, May 18, 2012

Tao @ Sunway Giza

Went for a huge-sized lunch at Tao @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara two days ago.
For those who don't know this restaurant, it's serving Japanese cuisine buffet.
If not mistaken, there are 3 outlets in Malaysia and it is the only 1 in Klang valley. You can find another 2 in Penang E-gate and Auto city.

Environment was cozy and classy too. The oriental decoration really suitable with its Japanese theme.

For lunch, it started at 11.30 am to 2.30 pm and we were the first batch of customer of the day. This had clearly shown how we love food. Lol.

My words can't tell you how great the foods were like. Better let's photos do tell the story, hahaha.

People said, in other countries, they pray before eating. However, when it comes to Malaysia, we take photos before eating. This is exactly the truth. :p

Here are the mouth-watering dishes we had. Missed out some photos for being too hungry and forgotten to snap them :p

#1: Steam salmon

#2: Mixed (Chuka wakame, drunken chicken and etc)

#3: Grilled seafoods

#4: Fresh salmon sashimi

#5: Barbeque squids, hotdog and chicken

#6: My favorite - Motoyaki scallop

#7: Another favorite - Kaki Hiroyaki (cheese oyster)

#8: Lamb teriyaki

#9: Japanese style Chee Cheong Fan
#10: Soft shell crab and smoked salmon temaki (handroll)

#11: Self-mixed salad with thousand island, orange dressing and mustard mayo sauce

#12: Mayonnaise prawn

#13: Steam gyoza (Japanese dumpling)

#14: Taiwan style steam fish (Love the cod fish so much! )
#15: Dessert - Chocolate mint cake, mango pudding, cream puff
#16: This was what we were happily playing with - Chocolate fondue
Haha, drooling now?
The price for lunch is RM46 + 16% each person. If you're May baby, you can even enjoy the 50% discount until end of this month! (Limited to dinner only).

However, it isn't a good eating habit to practice because we tend to eat extra in buffet. When energy input more than energy output, it will put you at risk of overweight and obesity. Thus, go for buffet once in a while is more than enough :)

Here I end my post with some camwhoring photos, lol.

The girls

Tao's promoter?

Big eaters (From left): Ameila, Huei Erh, Beng Wong, Karling,  Shu Cheat n Me

p/s: Gained so much weight already, should go gym more often!

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