Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Random

Life is hard. I know.
Symptoms after facing notes and books for many hours: dizziness, vertigo, nausea, depression, hallucination (mind starts going somewhere else.. =.=)
RIP my brain cells.
So yea, a little update here =D

Dinner at The Bee @ Jaya One recently 
(Not recently anymore, to be exact, 2 weeks ago.. lol). 
Environment was great, but food so-so only and not really worth the price. 

Artificial cranberry juice #disappointed
Chilli Prawn Spaghetti - too oily for me

Luckily the environment not bad

Another dinner at Kissaten @ Jaya One
(One week ago I think.. :p)
Tagged along with Amelia, Huei Erh, Karling, Jey Vonn, YoonSee, Shu Cheat n Beng Wong.
Thought it serves Japanese cuisine, but Japanese + western fusion actually. 

Me and my food

Salmon steak (RM17.90) - I know the greenish paste looked kinda awful but it's just garlic sauce okay.

Char Siew pizza (RM23.90) - Not a good combination though.
Teppan Mushroom Burger Steak (RM18.90) - Oops, sorry for focusing on vege

Pork Burger (RM 12.90) - The best food for me over here.

That's all for today, goodnight world.

Reminder: Drink more water and take care yourself in hot weather these few days :)

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