Friday, February 17, 2012


Valentine's day was just over. Mine was not bad, simple but sweet <3

Certain people said Valentine's day is "wallet-bleeding" day as they need to spend extra money.
For me, everyday is Valentine's day if you truly love someone and same goes to him/her.

What Valentine's day meant to you?

Of course, for those who are still single and available can hang out with group of besties. Nobody is forever alone in this universe. Lol.

Had dinner at Papa John's @ Tropicana City Mall.

My chicken & mushroom baked rice

KC with his chicken & mushroom spaghetti
How about the pressie?
I got a pair of earrings. Fyi, I just pierced my ears last week! Love my pressie so much : )

My pressie for him?
Hehe, it's a couple tee. I didn't take photo of it, next time only show it to you : )

There's another good news to share: my buddy Yi Siang just got married! Though I only got to know it few days after his wedding dinner (I'm such a terrible buddy : / )


So happy for them : )
Here I wish them happily ever after with their long lasting love for each other. xoxo

With love,

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