Thursday, November 03, 2011

A little update

Again, not updated my blog for few weeks already.
Seems like my procrastination is getting worse huh?
No no. I was just a bit busy on preparing my tests.
3 tests plus 1 presentation for this week, you say hectic or not?
Because of those tests also, my one week Deepavali holiday became like study week, damn sad.
But thanks God, as I had done for all those already, haha.
Can't wait for my coming mid-sem break!!

If you're reading my blog constantly (I wonder if there is any?), you will be able to notice that I start serving for Nuffnang!

For your information, Nuffnang is the biggest blog advertising community in M'sia.
And, she just received Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011.
Hmm, just to clarify that I'm not trying to commercialized my blog.
This blog is still the same as usual.
After hosting this blog for years, I should have added some new elements into it right?
Please stay updated with me and feel free to visit this blog anytime you want k :D

Happy mid-sem break for my friends in uni :)

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