Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Semester is Started

After having class for 4 days, my holiday is coming again,haha. This is because tomorrow (16th Sept) is Malaysia day, so I gonna have a long weekend. *wink*

Many of my friends are going back home, except me and a few others.
Not to say I don't miss my home, but since I just came back KL for few days, I should take these few days to adapt my new life right?

Honestly, I am still adapting to this new place, eventhough I used to stay here for 2 weeks plus during elective last time..
Moving out from residential college means I have to settle a lot of stuffs by myself.
Cleaning toilet (I admit I'm kinda lazy to do it), cooking for myself (I'm not really good on it actually) and a lot a lot..

See, my extremely messy "war zone"... =.=ll

I have 2 tables, 2 chairs, 2 shelves, 2 standing fans which are enough for 2 persons.. : p

Yet, staying in UT is kinda good in term of the walking distance to faculty. No more climbing slopes here and there everyday. I guess I will gained weight because of lacking exercise : p

Besides, I have my new roommies too. One is my besties, Choy Yuen where I got to know her 10 years ago. Another one is Jacqueline, who is studying in Mahsa College. Both are quite nice, so I think it will be great to live with them on coming days : )

I spent a lot of money recently, so I guess I will running out of money soon. Damn poor.

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