Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here We come to The End of 2nd year life

Hello there! It had been long time for not updating my blog. Nice new layout? Well, I had done the last paper for my final exam yesterday. It was a really hectic life in previous few weeks. My average sleeping time was around 4 hours every day only. No wonder so many pimples "visit" me recently.. :p 

Final exam for 2nd year 2nd semester was ended. It indicated that my 2nd year was officially ended too. It is kinda unbelievable that I have gone through the so-called "most hectic year" of pharmacy course. No doubts, the uncountable tests and tonnes of work from college project really can drive people mad sometimes.

Time flies, everything seems like just happened yesterday. First time being senior, first time briefing my little buddy, first time guiding my members in college project.. everything is still so fresh in my memory. Here are some of the important components throughout my second year life. They are what making my life in the entire year memorable, teaching me to be tough and to be able to go on with life in ease. :)

1. Tonnes of Tests
This gonna be the most "memorable" element of my second year life. Having test every week (sometimes two tests in week) was something kinda normal for me throughout the year :p  You may have a look on the calendar below, the green boxes showing the dates of my test in August 2010.

2. College project - Minggu Minda Kreatif

I joined this project in first year because I want to stay in college in second year. In second year, I was still joining this project because I was given the opportunity to hold an important post in the project - Marketing department director. Haha, I bet I was the laziest and worst marketing director in MMk's histories for not being able to raise enough fund for this project. Anyway,I have to thank to this project for giving me chance to learn. After going through so many obstacles and problems with tears, I learned to be tough.

3. My beloved course mates

No man is an island. Nobody will be able to survive by himself / herself alone, especially in Uni life. Companionship is something that cannot be excluded. So, here comes to our "sister gang" , which was formed when we were still in first year, the time after orientation week. It had been a long time for not going out with you guys already  (I mean for the whole group of people). Let's hang out!

4. Family = father and mother I love you

Maybe I was too free in 2nd semester, that's why I went home quite frequent,haha. No doubts, this is the place where I can truly relax and rest. Because of this reason also, I went home during my study week. Love to study in a zero tension environment =)

5. Roommate

After Huei erh moving out, our room left behind me and karling only. Although the space for both us become much larger already, yet I am still missing the time when we all can talking craps in room. Just like what happened during the exam week of 1st year 2nd semester, the time when amelia came into our room said she wanna "八一下" and ended up with 3 hours conversation :p Thanks you guys for giving me a memorable life in Second college and sorry if I had done anything wrong =)

6. My dear dear
Hehe, last but not least, dear dear always plays the very important role in my life (not second year life only), especially going through with me whenever I feel upset or in troubles. My newly editted photo, nice? kekeke...

Coming up, I am going to have a long long holiday. Hence, my "pig" life is officially started, woohoo! Like what I had promised myself before, I will sleep more, eat more and play more, hehe. What will I do in this long holiday? Stay tuned....

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