Friday, March 11, 2011

Welcome back, Myself

It had been a long period of time ao since the last time I updated my blog. Well, this time it's not due to my laziness, but my laptop instead. It is a long story, aiks...

My pity "pink lady" (my laptop) was sent to factory for repairment recently due "kena" water. It happened after a heavy storm which landed in Petaling Jaya two weeks ago. This storm brought a lot of dreadful damages where I have never seen before. Water came into my room even I had shutted my window before going out for dinner. As a result, my laptop was soaking in water by the time I got back room. I felt like wanna faint that time.

Initially it still can be used for the first week. However, it can't be turned on at all in the following week. Therefore,I don't have a laptop to use for the entire week. No laptop means no entertainment, no latest news, as if I was disconnected from the world. This was also the reason why I didn't update my blog for so long time :( Luckily my lovely daddy bought me a new one in last weekend so that I can settle my assignments and reports on time :) Love you so much daddy!

Advices to you guys:
1. Never put your laptop near the window
2. Keep your laptop before going out
3. Save important files in pendrive or external hard disk, or else you will loss everything at once like me :(

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