Sunday, February 06, 2011

Hmm, My Very Old-town Style Breakfast

Here it is, my very old-town style breakfast in the Chinese new year eve morning.

Somehow, I would like to admit that I like to eat. Not to say I am a big eater, but I do really crave for food, especially those with great plate decoration.

I used to imagine who I am gonna be if I am not a pharmacy student. Makeup artist? Hair dresser? Or perhaps, a western food chef? Haha, I think makeup artist and hair dresser would be possible but western food chef… Hmm, better don’t think of something that is impossible : P

There is an old Chinese belief that, a woman should have good cooking skill in order to get marry to a good man. It sounds like a cliché anyway and I know it is not applicable to the society nowadays as many women do not know how to cook well (including me actually). However, it is undeniably that a family will become perfect with the daily three meals of a mother which are full of love.

Too bad is that, when I talk about my cooking experience, I think I can count it by using my ten fingers. The very first time of cooking when I was joining a Girl Guide activity in secondary school, instant noodles, Sister-gang cooking at Beng Wong’s house… and… Hmm, I can’t think of anymore. (How embarrassing it is for me to tell all this!) Haha.

I think I should start to learn cooking, really.


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