Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Finally It Comes To An End

Phew, after one month of hell's life, with daily routine = wake up - breakfast - study - lunch - study - dinner - study - sleep, finally I can temporary stay away from all notes and books to enjoy my holiday.

Time passes really fast. Like what the seniors usually say, 2nd year 1st semester is the toughest semester for the entire course of pharmacy. With the numerous tests every week and some more with the MMK stuffs, sometimes they can truly drive me crazy. Yet, it is amazing that I had gone through it already. Although my results for those tests were not really pretty well and I also didn't work really much for MMK, as least I am survive now :) :) *Clap clap* !!

Coming up what to do with my three weeks holiday? Hmm, I am still planning actually. Perhaps can change my daily routine to wake up - breakfast - lunch - dinner - sleep ?? ( by throwing away all the slots for studying ) Haha, if it is true, I think gaining 3kg in 3 weeks should not be a problem XD

Hopefully can learn something new or continue my "research" in bakery,kekeke. Happy holiday everyone and merry Christmas in advance :) ;)


  1. Bakery?
    Gud luck o!!^^
    happy holiday too....

  2. haha, yea..kinda interested in bakery recently, thanks ya =)


Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it very much! ^^