Friday, October 22, 2010


This was the latest movie that I had watched recently. As whole, it was not a big story for me. It was all about the life of a divorced lady, who named Liz at three different places: Rome, India and Bali. Eat, pray and love were what she had in the way of finding her "balanced point".

This is a movie without much climax, but with nice scenes, cultures and good languages. I don't really remember every single words they spoke, but one of those where I found quite meaningful was " Love someone might make u loss balance in your life, but it is a process to get a balanced life". It's true, i think. Sometimes you might loss yourself in loving somebody,no doubts,this is the process!

Many people tend to consider a lot when they need to make a decision. And thus, many opportunities had gone in the time of waiting for them. There's a story mentioned in this movie:
A young man was begging God everyday, said "Please please please let me win lottery"
He was repeating it days to days. Until one day, the God can stand no longer to this poor begging man and said "Please please please go and buy a lottery ticket!

This is not a joke, but it brings a message to us that, sometimes we as a human tend to cross our fingers and wish to get so many different things like glory, status, opportunity...However, most of us never take a step forward to achieve the goals. This is just same as the young begging man who wish to win lottery but never buy a ticket.

Let's go and get your own tickets. One of mine will be the ticket to Rome, I hope. =)

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