Thursday, January 14, 2010

After struggling for few months, finally MMK come to the end.
Initially, i thought i will be very happy because i don't have to burn midnight oil for preparation anymore. Yet, after the closing ceremony last night, my feeling can hardly be described with few words. Perhaps i really like this project.Especially the undoubtedly bonds between people. Although at the same time there were some people who made me feel unhappy, it was overed and no use for me to recall it.
Maybe because of i don't really have good leadership, so along this period of time, what i really enjoyed in joining MMK were the time to use photoshop as well as the time of drawing comics and painting. With my personalities, I don't really like the time of arguing with others during discussion. So, better don't ask me about what idea i have but ask me to do something that i really like. MMK power!!=)


  1. oooo
    yanny seems tat doesn't hv other comments d, haha.......

    onli--- "MMK POWER !!!"

  2. i have the same idea with u. there's some times whereby too many people having too much different opinions, then end up arguing.. better to stop talking, but the more realistic way is to do work. hope u really enjoy these period! good luck~~

  3. yet:yaya..No doubt,sometimes it's really hard to achieve agreement from what we can do is juz accept it positively..=)

  4. yuh..sometimes when v doing project must gt urguing & at the end when make d event success every things is nt important ady.. and 4get d unhappy things and important is our v get memorable networking


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